My name
is Daniel
I'm a Czech
Software is
my canvas_



Helps additcted gamers to better control their finances and time spent on gaming. Port allows to set a monthly budget and keep an eye on it with simple charts. Learn more

WD Driver

Logs business and private trips while connected to mobile Bluetooth unit mounted on a car. WD Driver is integrated into robust Webdispečing fleet management. Learn more

SIMS Mobile

Monitors a situation around a house or a building complex. SIMS Mobile communicates with a base on which are connected devices like alarms, automatic door and window openers, etc. Learn more

MultiWeb Design

Handmade design system and its documentation of HTML5 web client TESCO SW company I work for. Petr Břenek created and animated those funky isometric illustrations. Learn more

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What can you expect from our cooperation?

Define We'll meet in person or make a call. Both ways are completely fine. We'll write down expectations of your project, what the goals are, who are potentional users and why should they us it. If you already have an idea, we're on track. Refine Various thoughts will spring up. Some of them will be anticipated but some quiet and subtle, but important as much. We have to note all of them. Then we cross out everyting except truly needed features. The rest we'll keep for next updates. Materialize All of our ideas still remain abstract. We'll start to draw first sketches and the creative part begins. Things which we will give a green light, I materialize to digital wireframes. In case of website, I can make HTML prototype stright away. Finalize Now we have to give our piece of work a soul. Colors, typography, icons, images – all of it has to be just right. I design iOS and Android apps in well known tool Sketch. I can develop static websites or make a template for your developer.


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Design Team Lead @ TESCO SW

UX/UI Designer @ TESCO SW

Consultant @ TESCO SW

Right after graduation I've started as consulatant at TESCO SW.

Master's degree in System, Service, Management and Engineering @ FI MUNI

Bachelor's degree in Applied Informatics @ FI MUNI

The study hasn't exactly matched my expectations. Math, proofs, propositional calculus, automata, grammars, etc.

But I did it, because I've wanted to stay in IT world. I've picked few interesting courses like designing UI, typography, history of graphic design. And that's where my designing has begun.